Commissions Information

Status: Closed

Here are different examples and prices for types of commission work I offer. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at

Here is a snapshot at the Terms of Service for my work:

  • All payments are currently accepted via PayPal. New payment options may be added in the future.

  • These commissions are for digital products only unless otherwise specified upon further discussion.

  • These commissions are only to be used non-commercially unless otherwise specified.

  • I reserve the right to use your completed commission in my portfolio or example images. You may ask or pay a fee to disallow me to use your commission for those purposes.

  • If I have started your commission, I do not offer full refunds. Partial refunds may be discussed.

  • I reserve the right to decline any commission request.

Click here for the full Terms of Service document.

Please also note the following before ordering:

  • The prices listed below are base prices meaning that the value listed is the lowest it could be total. If you have a complicated character or request, the price may increase. Please do not expect to pay base price.

  • I can draw environments, objects, and scenes in perspective which are not listed in the below example prices. Please contact me to discuss a quote for that kind of commission.



  • Headshot - 8 USD

  • Bust - 10 USD

  • Waist-Up - 15 USD

  • Fullbody - 20 USD

*Base prices are per character.

*Price may increase with complication.

You may ask for the sketch to be done in a specific color! Default will be black lines.

Type shown: fullbody

Type shown: fullbody

Sketch + Color

  • Headshot - 12 USD

  • Bust - 15 USD

  • Waist-Up - 20 USD

  • Fullbody - 28 USD

*Base prices are per character.

*Price may increase with complication.

This is for sketches with flat colors, however, the sketch lines will also be colored.

Type shown: waist-up

Type shown: waist-up

Sketch + Color + Shading

  • Headshot - 15 USD

  • Bust - 20 USD

  • Waist-Up - 28 USD

  • Fullbody - 36 USD

*Base prices are per character.

*Price may increase with complication.

Shading includes highlights and outlining for stylistic finish.

Type shown: bust

Type shown: bust

Linework + Color

  • Headshot - 30 USD

  • Bust - 35 USD

  • Waist-Up - 40 USD

  • Fullbody - 50 USD

*Base prices are per character.

*Price may increase with complication.

Linework differs from sketch by being much cleaner and more opaque than the sketch layer.


Linework + Color + Shading

  • Headshot - 40 USD

  • Bust - 50 USD

  • Waist-Up - 65 USD

  • Fullbody - 80 USD

*Base prices are per character.

*Price may increase with complication.

Shading includes highlights and other gradient effects. Outlining is also included for stylistic finish.


Sticker Style Chibi

  • Starting at 20 USD per character

*Price may increase with complication.

Sticker style chibis are rendered like the example, they will be somewhat sketchy/messy to capture a more “doodle-like” feel.


Character Design Commissions

I offer character design commissions but there is no one base price that would cover all kinds of design commissions. Please email me to discuss a quote.

Things to have ready when you’re planning on ordering:

  • Know how many views or forms of this character you’d like, this includes things like clothed and unclothed versions, etc.

  • Include note of extras you’d like such as a close up of the face, separated accessory details, a palette scale, etc.

  • Please specify what species or fictional creature you’d like the character to be. I can work with just about anything so long as I’m given the details and information about the creature!

  • Moodboards are not required but help immensely when trying to nail the “feel” of the character you’re requesting.


Contact and Ordering

When you are ready to order a commissioned artwork, please either email me at or message me on Discord at toripng#7543.

Things to include in your message:

  • Any character references or moodboards.

  • Any necessary details or extras.

  • Be sure to specify what kind of commission you’re wanting to get.

We will discuss pricing from the above! You are also free to email or message me for a quote at any time. After agreeing on a total price, I will have you send payment via PayPal and I will begin your commission. Please leave communication open so that I may contact you with works in progress for approval.

Also if you’d like to commission me for something not listed above or something more along the lines of a long-term project, please feel free to message me! I’d love to work with you on what kind of artwork you’d like done.

Thanks so much for your interest!