Digital Artist, Creator, Designer

About Tori...

A little bit about me!

Hey there, I’m toripng, Tori Apiradee. I’m a digital artist and designer and I love to create energetic and colorful works. I have a BFA in Game Design and I’d love to work on games in the future! Currently I apply what I’ve learned and taught myself to a lot of different projects. To see what I’m working on currently, you can check out the homepage!

I’ve done professional commission work for many years prior but my full-time freelance pursuit began in 2015 while I was also a full-time student. I have experience in recreational client work, professional client work, and corporation client work. I had the honor of working on commission for Hasbro (2018) and for Marvel (2019) in the past. If you have any professional inquiries, please check out my portfolio page!

Currently, I enjoy merchandise design and distribution most. Throughout 2019, I attended many conventions as a vendor including but not limited to: Super Con (Miami), AWA (Atlanta), and Kumori Con (Portland). These experiences were incredible and I really enjoyed meeting fans and new customers alike. If you are interested in getting some of my art prints or other merchandise, please check out my shop page!

Thanks so much for reading, be sure to check me out and follow me at the following: